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8th December 2013

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We took the Victoria line down to Stockwell, a zone neither of us have visited properly, but have possibly taken a night bus through at some point. It happens to be Little Portugal and it happens to be be Christine’s birthday celebration…she’s Portuguese BTW.

A gang of about 13 gathered at Estrela, a Portuguese hot spot with mixed reviews! I was here for Christine who provided us with christmas crackers which she had tampered with, so we were all laden with pearls, clip on earrings and small bottles of teddy bears.

We consulted Christine on what she would suggest, being the resident portugeezer, as we knew nothing about Portuguese cuisine other than ‘fish’ and ‘custard tarts’.

She illuminated us on a variety of dishes, and on her suggestion Robert went for the grilled sea bream and I went for the ‘fun dish’ which sadly I can’t remember the name of. I bloody loved it though! It comprised of a hash of chips, salted cod, onions and scrambled eggs - perfect hungover fare for a lass that spent last night in a wetherspoons!

My (Bob) bream was a big handsome fish, as you can no doubt see above. It’s hard to go wrong with a grilled bream, and this place didn’t go wrong. It was a delicious and hearty fish that satisfied in the only way that a fish can. Unfortunately it was paired with grandma-style vegetables, ie potatoes, asparagus, carrots and sprouts that had been boiled beyond recognition. This was a crime, but I let it slide due to the efforts of my fishy friend. AND THE GREAT COMPANY!

Whilst we were dining we smelt burnt hair behind us, fervently looking around we realized it was a sausage dish. Burnt hair reminds me of my own mortality/ being stoned so it was a bit of shocker to be inhaling such a scent in a restaurant. 

After we’d all settled up Christine complained that ‘it smells like toilet’ and we all left. I’d fairly say that we’d never go again but we really enjoyed celebrating the birthday of such a wondrous person and fish-wise the dinners delivered! 

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